Wednesday, January 7, 2015

i have not seen a signage of any kind that trumpets whats wrong with capitalism, until this. the signage at the hotel caught my attention because of what it says. to the unknowing masses this is just a simple signage that says this hotel is part of a global citizenry that cares for the earth, people and his business. but for an activist like the irony of this signage did not escape me. for a capitalist planet which is the earth is the only source of natural resources that he needs to create something, and before he can create something which he can sell he needs people to make it, the labor of people to create the things he can sell and that turns into profit which he all cares about. earth + people = profit

Monday, January 5, 2015

So its 2015, what will this new year bring me? i hope nothing bad that i can't handle, i just hope i can ride this new year smoothly. the first day of 2015 saw me on the road with my girlfriend, traveling to davao city from bislig city (her hometown) to give her my christmas gift (which i have not given her due to my worry that it might not fit her), spend the our first day of 2015 together looking for my christmas gift for her, she decided to have a pair of shoes she can wear in her office. and i discovered something about ladies shoes while doing it, different shoes brand have different sizing structure, she found one shoes that she really liked and asked for a size 5, but its big for her feet and this made me come her feet size does not fit the shoe size she's been wearing for the longest time? since its the smallest size of the shoes that she really wants the saleslady suggested that she looked for size at the childrens section of the store...seriously? i just told my girlfriend that lets take a look at other shoe brands and lucky enough she found a shoe that not only fit her (size 5) but she also loved it, so after two hours of looking she finally got her christmas gift. do ladies shoes brands differ in sizing? i mean does brand A size 5 is different to brand B size 5? are the manufacturers of ladies shoes using different sizing methods or mechanics when it comes to their shoe sizes? i'm just wondering. anyway, she got her shoes and that all that matters for me. and so for 2015 here's for more discovering and traveling!
this is me and melba my girlfriend in a van on our way to davao city.