Thursday, October 13, 2016

I noticed lately that Facebook is becoming so full of trolls and shit, its getting hard to digest what is real and not, people seem to believe everything that is posted on Facebook however fake the post is. I guess this is the by-product of technology, people with money or no money can do whatever they want as long as they have computers or smartphone. I read in some news ( i think its from Wired Magazine) that Twitter is dying because no one wants to buy it, who wants to buy anything that is full of shit? Twitter is over run by trolls and bots, most of the time legit news or articles are bumped out by trolls and bots it getting hard to make any sense of it at all. Then you get people who just share or comment senseless articles, they don't even bother reading it if its legit or not, sometimes i get this feeling that they knew its fake but they go ahead in posting or sharing it to show their list of friends that they are in the loop or in a pit. i hope Facebook comes up with a tool that can weed out trolls or bots, they are flooding Fb with shit and when you say something sensible you gonna get bashed or bullied. Did technology get this far so we can go back to being barbarians?

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